Personal and Professional Growth Coaching

Why Text Coach?

  • No face-to-face interactions
    Coaching is a strategy and is most effective when delivered daily - in bite size pieces. Your coach will serve as an advocate for what you're wanting most in life. Private, discrete, confidential, and run solely through text messaging - our program has successfully served and improved the lives of many clients.

  • All coaching is done via text messaging
    As our client, we believe you must be served wherever you are and our services literally come right to your finger tips. Getting away and focusing on yourself for 10-minutes each day is the most effective strategy for achieving what you are wanting most in life.

  • Text messages are saved
    Change can be tough and the right change - takes time. We ask our clients to commit to our services in 4-week segments. Text messages are saved, allowing you to revisit lessons learned - repeatedly benefiting from the overall coaching experience. It’s easy, innovative, and very effective.

  • The possibilities are endless
    Whether you are changing jobs, having problems in your relationship, want to improve your attitude in the workplace, stay committed to a goal or just need an advocate, your coach is a trained professional and will serve you right where you are in life.

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