Our team develops and facilitates BSL2, BSL3, and BSL4 training programs.  We come to your organization and assess the existing biosafety protocols, review organizational safety policies, and customize a training program to fit your organizational needs. Since 2004, our staff have trained over 4,000 individuals in behavioral-based biosafety.  Our CEO, Sean Kaufman founded the Emory University Science and Safety Training Program, the Leadership Institute for Biosafety Professionals and the Applied Laboratory Response Training (ALERT).  Our training strategies have been tested world-wide and proven to deliver maxium results.  The following is a brief description of the biosafety training programs we offer.

  • Applied Laboratory Emergency Response Training (ALERT)
    Bridging the gap between high-containment laboratories and emergency responders is an essential step for emergency preparedness.  The ALERT program is a 3-hour course designed to increase awareness and decrease risk perceptions associated with high-containment laboratory environments.  With over 1,500 participants trained globally and within the United States, this program reduces fears and discusses how work is done safely within high-containment laboratories.  Read "A Review of the Emory University Applied Laboratory Emergency Response Training (ALERT) Program: Applied Biosafety Journal Vol 14: Number 1."

  • Biosafety Officer Training and Leadership Program
    Greater demands, more responsibility, limited resources, and quick deadlines - the need for biosafety officer training and leadership is enormous.  A three-day remote based course - this program provides an overview of the four primary controls of biosafety, phases of biological risk mitigation, and biosecurity strategies.  This program also provides biosafety officers with the opportunity to work with other biosafety officers, develop customized and innovative solutions for their institutions, and evaluate their professional mission statement - increasing professional resilence in biosafety. This course is offered to only 6 participants at a time in a highly-interactive virtual classroom.  Click here to visit the remote-based course catalog.
  • Biosafety Officer Mentoring Program
    Biosafety Officers looking to refresh their perspectives, implement innovative solutions, and receive feedback from those they are serving should consider attending this program.  A 5-week remote-based course - this program meets twice a week (Monday and Friday).  On Monday, all participants receive an assignment - requiring them to engage those they serve within their organization.  On Friday, results of the assignment are reviewed and discussed as a collective group.  This course is offered to only 6 participants at a time - leading to professional networking opportunities - shared experiences - and a face-to-face virtual classroom experience.  Click here to visit the remote-based course catalog.

  • Laboratory Biological Risk Mitigation Training (BSL2, BSL3, BSL4)
    Since 2004, we have been providing behavioral-based biosafety training programs for organizations around the world.  This four-day program includes classroom and laboratory training sessions aimed at ensuring participants understand laboratory risks and demonstrate behaviors needed to mitigate those risks.  Classroom sessions include differentiating containment levels, evaluating and validating SOPs, understanding workforce and leadership expectations, discussing the 10 most critical biosafety SOPs (including working in biosafety cabinets and responding to emergency situations).  Laboratory sessions include donning and doffing of PPE, waste management, spills, gross contamination and emergency response exercises.  

  • Customized Biosafety Training Programs
    Not seeing what you are looking for?  Customizing and developing a training program to fit your organizational needs is our speciality!  Please contact us to discuss your biosafety needs.  We would be very happy to serve you.  Click here to contact us for more details.