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Our Vision

Our vision at Safer Behaviors is to help organizations and individuals recognize inherent and residual risks in laboratory and clinical containment settings, while providing realistic solutions to address both.


What is Safer Behaviors?

Safer Behaviors is a behavioral-based solutions service that educates individuals and companies on the risks of infectious diseases and training them on best practices and procedures to reduce overall health and safety risks. Our team are experts in providing training, consulting, and coaching services in the public health industry as we have many years of experience in both in person and online training services.

Our Clients Recommend Us!

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David White

Safety and Security Lead at National Centers for Animal Health

“Safer Behaviors gets it right when a lot of people around them are getting it…. let’s just go with “not right”. I keep wondering how they can keep anticipating the future correctly, but I’m content to just listen to what they say and still be a half step ahead of everyone else.”

Brit Hart

Responsible Official, Naval Medical Research Center 

Sean Kaufman is amazing. He was gracious enough to speak during four biosafety/biosecurity workshops that I put on in the past. His style is very engaging and his instruction interactive and informative. Highly recommend him for anyone looking for a lecturer on the topics of biosafety/ biosecurity.”

Joseph Kozlovac

Biosafety Officer at USDA-ARS

I have had the opportunity to work with Safer Behaviors as a faculty member on the ABSA/Emory/ERGF Leadership Institute for Biosafety Professionals as well as at other training venues over the course of several years. They have made a significant contribution to the biosafety profession especially as it relates to reevaluating how we conduct training as well as how we measure the success of biosafety related training. He is a highly effective trainer and topnotch speaker.”

Sarah Ziegler

Associate Director, Merrick & Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Safer Behaviors to provide biosafety support at Southern Research and Texas Biomedical Research Institute for the BSL-3, ABSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories. In multiple situations, I would consider them a life-saver.

Partha Krishnan

HSE Deputy Director, Sanofi Pasteur

Probably the best BSL-3 training course I have ever taken so far in my biosafety career. Safer Behaviors approaches Biosafety from a unique angle which is amiss in many other professional high containment trainings.

Meet The Team

Sean Kaufman

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner 


When people interact regularly or experience a trauma or an emergency with an infectious disease – it is not uncommon for their lives to be impacted by Sean Kaufman.  Sean is the founding partner of Safer Behaviors, an internationally recognized company known for innovative behavioral safety change.  He is not only a world-renowned expert in human behavior but he is also an author, strategic business consultant, and a keynote speaker.  Traveling globally throughout his career, Kaufman addresses human risk factors using behavioral science for those working with and around infectious diseases.

He is well known for his leadership during several epidemic outbreaks including HIV, Anthrax, SARS (2003), H1N1, Ebola, and COVID-19.  Through on-line and in-person training programs, he provides engaging, thought-provoking and sound information – to empower those affected.

Before devoting his work full-time to Safer Behaviors all over the world, his strategic approaches have allowed him to serve during the September 2001 Terrorist Attacks and Anthrax Attacks with his tenure at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, manage the Emory Healthcare Isolation Unit for the treatment of the first two Ebola cases in the United States of America, provide crisis coaching for family members of the MH370 tragedy in Malaysia, and testify in Congress identifying systematic issues to help leading high-containment laboratories.

There is not a corner of land on earth he has not walked, assessed, taught and learned from.  Sean separates science fiction from science and deals with facts over fears.  When you need a Scientifically Strategic Safety Superhero – Sean is your guy!

Jacqueline Kaufman

Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner jacqueline.kaufman@saferbehaviors.com

Being in love with successful business strategies her whole life, Jacqueline Kaufman has a strong ability to develop, organize and run business endeavors.  As a venture capitalist and an executive at several start-ups throughout her career, she has a demonstrated vast background in leading new and innovative business models.  She joined the safety scene in 2011, becoming partners with Sean Kaufman, and together, they launched a globally recognized enterprise – called Safer Behaviors.

Her passion for people, behavior and psychology has helped her entrepreneurial spirit grow even stronger as she continues to develop a strategic focus designing new ideas and company processes. Over the last decade at Safer Behaviors, she has been blessed to collaborate with thousands of professionals in the health and safety community right beside her partner, mentor and husband.  

She sees potential in all as she truly enjoys the opportunity to advance those around her and especially those who she admires most.  This includes her three beautiful children – as her most significant God given role is “Momma Mia”!  She hopes to inspire them to make a difference in this world each and every day with grace, hope and faith.  Although, she secretly wishes they would just STOP growing up so fast!

Dr. AJ Troiano

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. AJ Troiano is a classically trained microbiologist, biological safety specialist, consultant, and educator.  Having worked across public health, academic, life science, and commercial industries, Dr. Troiano uses his strong scientific pedigree to address emerging infectious diseases, synthetic biology, novel scientific technologies, and gene therapies.

At the start of every disaster movie or novel, too often we observe a scientist being ignored. Dr. Troiano believes in breaking this archetype by reinforcing and empowering scientific leadership throughout organizations, not just from the top down.  Whether it’s a global life science corporation or a newly emerging biotechnology company, the inherent risks of working in a laboratory remain the same.

AJ uses his diverse knowledge of infectious agents and connects risk favors by empathizing with scientists, from his own laboratory experience as a bacterial spore microbiologist. His core belief in building safety culture is through education and risk awareness. Over his 10 years of working in life science laboratories, Dr. Troiano has served various institutions as Biosafety Officer, CDC Federal Select Agent Program Responsible Official, Scientific Consultant, and Biomedical Scientist.

Danene Balint is an ASCP-certified clinical laboratory scientist with over a decade of experience in accredited hospital, industry, and veterinary laboratories having served in a multitude of roles, from permanent positions to travel contract stints, her responsibilities have included performing daily equipment calibrations, weekly preventative maintenance, and independently overseeing all laboratory operations during off hours.  Throughout her laboratory journey across the United States, Danene leveraged these various perspectives when beginning a new laboratory assignment.  She builds her multi-disciplined experiences when it comes to protecting herself and protecting those she serves in the fields of biosafety, biosecurity, and clinical laboratory operations.


Building on her inherent traits to garner success, Danene prides herself in creating meaningful relationships with colleagues and administrators, and naturally expanding on her knowledge of laboratory spaces and people. She believes in the power of positive reinforcement, something she learned working in the veterinary hospital, to empower people to keep themselves and their colleagues safe, no matter the situation. Pairing with Safer Behaviors feels like an intuitive next step to making laboratories safer and protecting those who serve on the frontlines of emerging infectious diseases.



Ryan Tracy

After finding a passion for marketing in college, Ryan Tracy developed knowledge in skills through his education and work experience to become an effective marketer and aspiring businessman. He began his career doing freelance work and working at tech companies with award winning marketing teams in Atlanta where he developed multiple, successful marketing campaigns across numerous platforms. Now that he is the Marketing Director at Safer Behaviors, LLC, he strives to grow Safer Behaviors, so we, as a company, can serve and educate the public about health, safety, and security.

With a passion for giving back and serving the community, Ryan frequently participates in community service events at food drives, animal shelters, Habitat for Humanity, and more. With his passion to help people, that is what drove him to join the team at Safer Behaviors, as he feels Safer Behaviors can really make an impact on the modern world.