What services do we offer?

At Safer Behaviors, we offer a variety of training services that allow our clients to assess, educate, and prepare groups to reduce their risk of acquiring infectious diseases by using behavioral-based solutions. We also offer professional development services, such as public speaking, team building, and more. 

Biosafety Services

Biological Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Laboratory Audits and Gap Assessments

Policy Development

Competency Evaluation

Program Management Solutions

Training Services

Remote-Based and Onsite Face-to-Face Programs

Program Management, Delivery, and Records Keeping

Donning and Doffing Personal Protective Equipment

Emergency Response Exercises

Behavioral-Based Safety Methodologies

Clinical Containment Services

Isolation Unit Design

Isolation Unit Management

Emergency Room and Triage Assessment

Development of Policies and Procedures

Gap Analysis and Workflow Process Review

Team Development Services

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Assessments

Team and Safety Culture Development

Conflict  Resolution Solutions

Public Speaking Skills and Abilities

Executive Leadership Development

Business Preparedness and
Continuity Services

Prepare Businesses for 21st Century Threats

Pandemic Planning, Response, and Recovery

Crisis Coaching & Counseling

Emergency Communication Tactics

Development of Best Practices