Preparing & Protecting
Infectious Disease Pioneers

Connecting Plans & Outcomes with Safer Behaviors

Teachers, nurses, police officers, fire fighters, EMS technicians, doctors, and laboratory staff continue to work on the frontline of emerging infectious diseases.  Outcomes which protect our greatest assets will not be achieved with plans alone.  We must connect effective plans and desired outcomes with Safer Behaviors to prepare and protect those serving on the frontline.

Integrating Behavioral Science & Safety

Inherent risks can be assessed and managed.  However, residual risks (also know as human risk factors) are often overlooked and require additional strategies based in behavioral sciences.  These strategies compliment existing safety efforts and focus on preparing and protecting the workforce in laboratory and clinical settings.

Experience Matters

Sean Kaufman is an infectious disease behaviorist who specializes in minimizing human risk factors for those working with and around infectious diseases.  He has over 25 years of infectious disease experience serving organizations throughout the United States and around the world.  Sean’s unique approach compliments existing safety strategies in hospital, laboratory, and academic settings.  He has a proven track record for minimizing the numerous human risk factors which exist when working with and around infectious diseases.

Let’s Do Safety Together

For over 10-years, Safer Behaviors has prepared and protected those working on the frontline of emerging infectious diseases.  These opportunities have produced accomplishments which we are very proud to add to our record of success and experience.  We have learned that being safer together produces a reactive safety culture.  Whereas, doing safety together produces a proactive safety culture - utilizing a systems approach to produce a fail sensitive organization and become a highly-reliable organization (HRO).  

Monthly Lunch Break Series

For over 15-years, Sean Kaufman has been providing a monthly Lunch Break Series for those working with infectious diseases in research, public health, and clinical laboratories.  This program is offered remotely on a monthly basis and is FREE to those who register.

Your most important asset - the workforce.

Preparing, Protecting, & Promoting

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