We prepare, protect, and promote the workforce.

Safer Behaviors excels in providing specialized behavioral-based safety training tailored for personnel operating in environments impacted by infectious diseases. Our expert team equips the workforce with comprehensive knowledge of risks, the advantages of adherence to protocols, proficiency in utilizing protective equipment, and heightened confidence in mitigating risks effectively. Through our tailored solutions, we establish and foster a safety-centric culture within organizations, ensuring the well-being of employees. Our initiatives emphasize the crucial role of leadership engagement in upholding compliance and accountability in the workplace.

Safer Behaviors offers an array of customizable services, including:

  • Onsite biosafety training covering BSL2, BSL3, and BSL4 protocols at your facility.

  • Development of Safety and High-Reliability Organization (HRO) Culture.

  • Conducting emergency response simulation exercises and offering the Applied Laboratory Emergency Response Training (ALERT) Program.

  • Performing residual risk assessments, incident root cause analysis, biorisk management gap analysis, and program needs assessments.

  • Providing leadership training, workforce development, and a diverse range of solutions essential for risk mitigation in laboratory, clinical, and emergency response settings.

Let us customize a solution for your needs today!  Contact Sean Kaufman at sean.kaufman@saferbehaviors.com.

Serving clients globally.

Safer Behaviors has a strong track record of assisting numerous clients across both international and domestic realms. By seamlessly incorporating behavioral science into established safety program strategies, Safer Behaviors effectively equips, safeguards, and champions our most valuable asset - the workforce.

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