Prepare & Protect @ NBACC

A professional development opportunity aimed at enhancing team work,
strengthening safety culture, and increasing personnel readiness.

Situational Awareness:
Minimizing Preventable Incidents Together

September 21, 2022
0800 - 1000 | 1030 - 1230 | 1330 - 1530

What can we do to become more aware of the laboratory environment and those working around us?  This program will provide participants an opportunity to exercise their situational awareness skills and abilities as individuals and teams.  Participants will navigate several exercises providing an opportunity to increase overall awareness, ability, and application of strategies aimed to increase situational awareness and minimize preventable incidents.

Each participant will be asked to attend one of the three sessions. Participants will be assigned teams and will be asked to complete an assignment which will be presented in an October virtual meeting.  


Meet Your Instructor

Sean Kaufman is the CEO and Founding Partner of Safer Behaviors. He has over 25 years of infectious disease experience and his professional highlights include authoring a book titled Prepare and Protect: Safer Behaviors in Laboratory and Clinical Settings (2020); ensuring workforce preparedness and containment compliance the clinical treatment of Ebola in the United States; Congressional Testimony at the House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee - CDC Anthrax Laboratory Incident; grief coaching sessions for Malaysian Airlines (MH370) Crew Family Members; Founder of the Leadership Institute for Biosafety Professionals; Honor Award from the National Center for Infectious Diseases at the CDC; three Distinguished Service Awards for efforts related to the SARS outbreak, Anthrax Attacks, and September 11th response efforts from the Department of Health and Human Services

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